Insulated flexible cable

Copper conductors laid parallel PVC insulation


For connecting electric appliances, devices and instruments to the power supply network.

Technical characteristics:

  • Produced according to DIN VDE 0281 part 5 (HD 21.5 S3)
  • Rated voltage: U0/U 300/300 V
  • Test voltage: 2000 V
  • Insulation resistance at 700C: min. 2x1010
  • Maximum conductor temperature: +40 0C
  • Maximum conductor temperature at short circuit for 5 seconds: +150 0C
  • Temperature Range:
    • Mobile installation: from -5 0C to +50 0C
    • Fixed installation: from -30 0C to +50 0C
  • Minimum temperature during installation: -5 0C
  • Minimum bending radius during installation:
    • Mobile installation: 15 D
    • Fixed installation: 4 D D height of cable
  • Flame test: flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1
Cable Design:
  • Flexible Copper conductors
  • Flexibility class 6 according to IEC 228
  • Insulation: PVC
  • Cores laid parallel - flat
Core identification:

White, Black, double-coloured or another colour upon request.


Nominal Section, mm2 Cable Dimensions, mm Nominal Copper Weight, kg/km Nominal Cable Weight, kg/km
2X0.5 2.6x5.1 9.6 23
2X0.75 2.8x5.5 14.4 31

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